June 15, 2024

How The California Kids Helpline Works

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Growing up in a home without adequate support can be traumatic. Such a child is bound to be emotionally disturbed regardless of physical abuse and other issues. Strangely, even kids belonging to affluent homes may face such problems. Most of them are too scared to tell their parents. On the other hand, you may find your child reluctant to reveal any problems that he/she might be facing too. While such a scenario is extremely challenging for well-meaning, school-going children may be overcome with guilt, fear, and trauma too. No worries! Such children may find the California kids helpline to be beneficial and dedicated to their cause. 

While you may play a huge role in connecting your child and a helpline counselor, the child may seek to help singlehandedly and decide to get in touch with a reputed helpline individually. You may be interested to check the facts about a helpline especially one that assists disturbed children. It suffices o know that a helpline can be defined as a telephonic service that offers help to the caller. The advancement of technology has resulted in an expansion of such services. The kids in dire need of help can now reach out via Apps or emails apart from calling the counselor for help. 

Common Questions received by the best California kids helpline

  • What is the best way to contact the helpline?

The service is available 24X7 you may assess by calling a specific number. Furthermore, you get to reach a counselor via web chat or email as well. The latter may require a day or two of waiting time to receive the reply. 

  • What dos one get when they call?

Well, you will be asked to listen carefully to a recorded version that instructs you about the process. You will then be connected with a counselor who will lead the conversation. You may be asked to select a topic and then begin speaking about it while the counselor listens avidly and asks questions as needed. You are bound to feel comfortable and may finish the session on a positive note. 

  • I’m not sure about my problem but I feel emotionally disturbed all the time. How can a helpline help me in such circumstances?

Understandably, you are not too comfortable talking about yourself. No worries! The counselor would be able to pinpoint your problem points even when you ramble about a topic that does not interest you greatly. You will not be able to understand how you begin speaking about yourself within minutes. Remember that the counselor at the other end is a thorough professional with years of experience to help young people like you. 

  • I am not a child. I am over 25 years of age. However, I require emotional help. Can you assist me in this regard?

Well, the California kids helpline is mainly about helping children who are not adults. However, one may contact other help lines dedicated to helping adults. They would be glad to provide you with a referral. 

Your child must connect with a helpline that is endorsed by the US Government of Health & Human Services. 

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