May 20, 2024

Challenging Stairlift Installation Situations

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For those with restricted range of motion, stair lifts serve as essential equipment in this trend towards home modification. Setup of a stairlift Singapore system enables them to move their multi-level residence quickly, permitting them to proceed staying independently, and minimizing worry amongst themselves and family members. A range of stair lift kinds exist, which can be built into a multitude of setups to satisfy the requirements of consumers.

In this article, we will be looking at 3 situations where stairlift installation can be more complicated than usual. This would include curved staircases, narrow staircases and exterior staircases.

Curved stairlifts

A curved stair lift can be constructed to accommodate multiple levels of stairs, staircases with landings in between floors, and intricate spiral stairs. Nevertheless, in the scenario of staircases with defined landings between floors, you can choose to set up a straight or curved stair lift for every floor rather than one continual curved stair lift that goes across the entire length of the staircase.

Curved stair lifts give you the choice to select between a custom-made stair lift and a pre-manufactured modular stair lift. Tailor-made stair lifts conform to within millimetres of your specific stairs while modular stair lifts, in some cases referred to as “snap-rail” stair lifts, are a pre-assembled set of standard pieces that can be integrated onsite to match the course of the stairs as tightly as possible. While modular stair lifts are less costly, custom-built stair lifts make certain a much shorter and smoother trip for the customer.

Standing or perching stairlifts

These can be used for especially narrow staircases that do not have area for a seated lift. The headroom of the stairs has to be high adequate to fit your whole standing body. They can additionally be excellent if you have troubles bending your knees, for example as a result of serious osteoarthritis. Some have a small ledge to assist you keep your balance. Standing lifts aren’t appropriate for every person, however. Most have grab rails attached, but if you in some cases get woozy spells or don’t have the physical toughness to stand for a couple of minutes, after that it could be unsafe to utilize one.

Outside Stair Lift

An outside stair lift can be either straight or curved, depending upon the specifications of your outside staircase. This type of stair lift is created to be resistant to damaging weather conditions and temperature extremes and is most often utilized for transport to and from a deck, deck, driveway or isolated garage or storage shed. Exterior stair lifts usually have a foldable seat, a seat belt, and a power swivel choice, along with distinct outside attributes such as a lock-and-key to keep them secure and a cover to keep them clean and secured from direct subjection to the elements.

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