May 20, 2024

TCM Treats Inflammation And Joint Pain

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In this article we clarify what TCM is and how it can be utilized to deal with joint pain or discomfort. However, we want you to remember that though being the best TCM massage Singapore, we are not experts or advocates of TCM studies. Before taking on any new type of therapy for your joint inflammation or sore joints, you must review this with your medical professional. Keep in mind, health and wellness is riches– so make sure to make the right decisions for your whole-body wellness.

What is swelling in TCM?

Thanks to inflammation our body can react to some form of hazardous stimuli. Swelling is the body’s all-natural reaction to contamination, trauma or disharmony. The Inflammation causes the body’s body immune system to begin a recovery process. Typically, this brings about homeostasis, a back to typical body, but occasionally, our very own body immune system does not switch off, this is when we have over reactions like an allergic reaction or an asthma strike.

As we know, swelling can induce redness, aching, swelling, possibly an experience of warmth. Some individuals experience inflammation just after injury, and others sadly endure this daily. We currently recognize that long-term inflammation in the body can also cause ailment. Often the trigger cell mechanisms normally made use of in defence to something “harmful” sometimes overreacts and does not turn off.

Health problem such as arthritis, bronchial asthma, Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel disorder, MS, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, herpes and much more are chronic disharmonies or inflammatory diseases. Therefore, it is important to recognize a little bit concerning this mechanism.

Two main motifs of TCM


Qi is life power or vital energy. TCM specialists accept that Qi goes through your body and it’s constantly flowing and transforming. Many TCM treatments concentrate on how to maintain the circulation of Qi in your body active and streaming.

Yin and Yang

These two opposites explain the vital qualities of Qi. Yin is hot, light, feminine, day, and hollow. Yang is cold, hefty, masculine, night, and strong. To have optimal health and wellness you require to have a balance between the yin and yang of Qi. If one runs out balance, you can come to be unwell.

Eventually, TCM is focused around developing harmony between yin and yang, thereby permitting the healthy and balanced flow of Qi through-out your body.

Different TCM Treatment Techniques


Several physio therapists, massage therapist, and various other physicians also utilize this therapy technique. Very fine needles are set very carefully in your skin to assist ease rigidity, tension, and to soothe different body systems.


You may have seen images of professional athletes with big round bruises on their skin. This is from cupping– the method of placing heated suction mugs on the skin.

Natural herbs

Different herbs, plants, blossoms are combined to create teas, casts, and powders.

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