May 20, 2024

How Do I Get Rid of a Tree Next to My Foundation?

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If you have a tree growing next to your foundation, you’re probably wondering how to remove it. You can hire a professional like Macs Tree Removal. While you are at it you can’t completely remove it, you can easily make the tree less dangerous by following some steps. The first step is to visually check the area surrounding the tree. Typically, there will be roots that have already impacted the area. You can then scoop up the soil that’s below the tree’s canopy and place it in a wheelbarrow.

Before you attempt to remove a tree from near your foundation, you need to know what you’re doing. First, contact the utility company to check if any cables run near your foundation. You may want to keep these cables in mind when removing the tree. Damage to them can cause severe problems, including the foundation of your home. However, you can avoid these risks by hiring a professional tree service provider to get the job done.

Another way to identify damage caused by tree roots is by inspecting the roots of the tree. Although roots don’t directly cause foundation damage, they can enlarge cracks that already exist. A crack may appear as the result of erosion. If you suspect that the tree has roots growing into the foundation, dig around the foundation to investigate the root damage. It might be possible to see a tree root that has reached near the foundation.

To get rid of a tree growing next to your foundation, you can trim the roots with a pruning saw. It is best to cut roots that are 15 feet or more away from the tree. If you can’t cut the roots, you can wait until they’re less extensive before removing the tree. Make sure that you consult a professional tree service before you cut them. Leaving large roots can leave your tree susceptible to infestation and may even make the problem worse.

You can also place root barriers around your foundation. These barriers will protect your foundation from out of control tree growth. Root barriers come in various types, including plastic, metal, fabric, sheets, and panels. They’re often placed at the same time as planting the tree. The barrier will not harm the tree, but will divert their roots to a safer area. A root barrier can also help keep the soil underneath your foundation sturdy.

Trees are beneficial for the environment and soil. However, they can cause significant damage to the foundation. Tree roots are often drawn to the compacted soil beneath the foundation of a home. This moisture can cause the foundation to crack and leak. If you can’t afford to replace the tree, you can consider cutting it down and transplanting it elsewhere. But before you make this decision, make sure to consult a tree expert.

Another option is to burn the tree’s stump. However, this option is slow and can leave a nasty residue. Instead, you can bury the tree’s stump in fertilizer or compost. This option is effective if the tree isn’t too high. Just make sure to water the area afterwards. In addition to the tree’s trunk, make sure to use rock salt to kill the roots and prevent regrowth.

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