May 20, 2024

Capital Vacations Lists Some of The Best Attractions of The Great Smoky Mountains

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People wanting to go on a short retreat can try to visit the much popular Great Smoky Mountains through Capital Vacations. It features an expansive array of man-made and natural attractions. The Great Smoky Mountains Park offers miles of winding scenic drives and wooded trails. It is the home to many stunning waterfalls, more than ninety historic structures and several interesting educational exhibits.

Capital Vacations marks some of the major attractions of the Great Smoky Mountains

No matter whether one is an outdoorsy person who loves hiking, or simply wants to cozy up in a mountain cabin with a cup of hot chocolate, there is something to do for everyone at the Great Smoky Mountains. People can go on adventurous on a rollercoaster ride, check out historic structures or simply have a fun picnic with their family here. Some of the popular attractions of the Great Smoky Mountains include:

  • Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail: People can take a drive on Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, which is a winding road snaking through the Smoky Mountains. This one-way loop road extends for five miles, and enables people to enjoy an extremely scenic drive in the mountains. It takes about an hour to drive through Roaring Fork, and there are several things to do along the way. People may park their car and choose to hike along sunny trails. They would also get to check out several historic buildings and waterfalls in the region.
  • Horseback Riding: People can ideally go horseback riding at the Smoky Mountains from mid-March or so. There are four stables in varied park areas, and one can go for a short horseback ride in the afternoons.
  • Mt. Leconte: Mt. Leconte is basically the third-highest point in Tennessee. It also is among the best places for spring hiking in the region. Mt. Leconte is located in the Blue Ridge Mountain range of Smoky Mountains National Park. It enables visitors to enjoy vibrant local wildlife, waterfalls and overlooks.
  • Grotto Falls:  Grotto Falls are a great spot for a peaceful spring hike. This waterfall is over 25 feet high, and its surroundings feature an abundance of wildlife, including salamanders. Visitors can access this waterfall through the Trillium trail system that takes them on a three-mile scenic journey past rushing mountain streams. The hiking trails essentially wind through rocky pathways and a charming hemlock forest.
  • Abrams Falls: This hiking trail is located near Mill Creek. Visitors can take a 5 mile hike to check out the 20-foot waterfall named after a famous Cherokee chief. The beautiful pine tree forest here is full of blooming rhododendrons in the spring, and one can easily take a leisurely walk through it.

While people may visit the Great Smoky Mountains just about any time they want through Capital Vacations, the spring season is considered to be the best time to go for a retreat to the park. During this time, one can find mountain laurels, rhododendrons and wildflowers in full bloom in the region, while temperatures rise to the mid-60s and higher. Spring is the perfect time for outdoor activities like hiking as well.

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