February 25, 2024

Jason Wible Frenchcreek – How AI Can Change Fleet Industry

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Technology is everywhere because this era belongs to technology. From shopping to home management, technology, and AI or artificial intelligence are taking care of everything. Keeping pace with the demand of the industry, the fleet industry too is leaning towards AI-based software applications to amplify the transportation business. However, the problem with fleet technology is – most drivers and employees are not too familiar with fleeting technology. Due to this, when it comes to using technology in fleet business, people usually get a little baffled. Yet, when used in the right manner, technology can elevate the performance of the fleet industry. For this reason, fleet industry professionals with years of experience, are offering insights to tell the world how technology can change their business by enhancing performance. 

Jason Wible Frenchcreek On Fleet Technology

Jason Wible Frenchcreek is a well-known organization which deals with fleet industry for a long time. Jason experts have learned a lot while working in this industry and have seen that AI applications can change this industry drastically. If fleet companies can use AI properly for their fleet businesses, they will be able to get amazing results. AI is continuously changing everything about the fleet industry. Therefore, fleet companies need to stay updated with all the latest technology launches and make it a point to learn about AI-based software applications. 

AI & Fleet Companies

It is essential to understand that AI can bring revolutionary changes to any industry, provided it is used properly. Those who are wondering how AI can change the fleet industry will be surprised to find that AI has a way of changing a lot about the transport industry. Here is a quick list of benefits to consider.

Fleet Route Optimization

AI applications can optimize the fleet route. It is one of the most essential qualities which the fleet industry can use for its benefit. Traffic can be a problem when someone is transporting goods. No one knows when traffic will make a truck stand still for hours. It does not only delay delivery, but it also increases transportation costs. For this reason, companies are on ever lookout to find something which will reduce company costs and make delivery faster. Jason employees say that with a software application fleet companies can prevent this delay. So, for route optimization fleet companies can turn to AI software applications.

Proper Maintenance 

AI applications are not amazing tools to find traffic-laden areas only. These applications are great to offer information on maintenance time as well. AI applications gather data continuously. Looking at the data report, one can guess when to send the fleets for maintenance. Without this data report, companies are ill-equipped to handle maintenance.


AI applications are continuously used to monitor different aspects of fleets. From road to drivers, AI can monitor everything. For this reason, more and more fleet companies are implementing these applications to keep an eye on trucks. One will be able to monitor drivers through these applications as well.

Jason Wible Frenchcreek talks about new application getting introduced every day. However, one needs to learn about each application and know the best way to use these applications.

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