May 20, 2024

3 Important Tips For Selecting Exterior Roof Ladders

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It is most important to have all necessary equipment handy before beginning work on a commercial residential project. Sure, you may not be able to handle the entire project singlehandedly and would have to hire the required number of workers. Supplying them with the essentials is an onus that you need to be aware of though. Accessing a roof that is located at a modest height of 20 feet or less makes the use of sturdy Exterior Roof Ladders an absolute necessity. 

Thankfully, many of your clients will have the right ladder available and installed on their roofs and beside the huge vats, water tanks, and/or ventilation systems. It does not matter whether you are an HVAC expert or one who is qualified to deal with water-related emergencies. You have to access the height from the outside of the building structure to ensure smooth and hassle-free operations. 

It is equally important to know that these ladders are mostly installed in industrial settings. This makes compliance with safety standards essential too. Compliance with the existing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards is a must. This is a protocol that is mandated across the nation. Any violation of the regulations can result in punitive measures. You stand to lose your reputation and may have to compensate the injured worker financially as well. 

Trying to find the right roof access ladder is not challenging, either. You will be able to find out multiple companies/manufacturers that provide specialized equipment. It is important to match the parameters and check for the essential features before sourcing the product. It would be helpful to inquire about meeting OSHA standards when you are eager to purchase a particular product too. 

How to select the best exterior roof ladders?

  1. It is imperative to opt for an aluminum roof ladder that will remain exposed to the natural elements 24X7. The product is going to be extremely lightweight but perfectly capable of holding your weight. Besides, it is not prone to rust and will last for decades at a stretch. Accessing heights will cease to be a problem whether you are intent on climbing the water tower, refinery structure, or commercial chimneys as well as water pits.

  2. Choosing a product that is well suited to your purpose is of paramount importance too. Sure, you will find many cheaper products with the seller promising the world but being tempted to cut corners will not do you any good. Instead, stick with a reputed brand known for its track record and obtain a ladder that enables you to complete your tasks perfectly.

  3. Size matters! You would have to have the measurement handy before approaching the seller for the right roof ladder. While such ladders will help you to climb up to 20 feet, be sure to check the return structure that will help you to stand upright when concentrating on the task(s). 

Choosing the best possible Exterior Roof Ladders will not only ensure safety for you and your working team but you will be able to attain peace of mind. 

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