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The BBC Trust consultation over the BBC Three proposals is now closed. However, the BBC Trust is still consulting over the BBC, and this is a good opportunity to have your say. Why is the BBC pressing ahead with a rival to Spotify, resource for local newspapers, or an ‘ideas service’ while justifying closure of BBC Three in the UK? It is also looking at launching services in North Korea and Russia. If the money can be found for these services (through commercial means or otherwise) why can it not be found to fund BBC Three?

This form has been created by the #SaveBBC3 campaign to make it easier to send your views to the BBC Trust. To participate you can either send your details and the prewritten text below, or edit the main text box and add your own thoughts (recommended). Read how your comments will be anonymised by the BBC Trust, and how the process is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 here. You can also fill in the BBC Trust’s survey here.

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You can also send your thoughts via email to tomorrow@bbc.co.uk as an individual anonymously, or publicly if you’re an organisation impacted by the changes. The BBC Trust consultation closes November 5 at 11.59pm.