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11 thoughts on “How the BBC Trust uses your response

  1. Phil Butt says:

    Please keep BBC 3 on mainstream TV

  2. mike slater says:

    THREE is my most watched BBC channel why would you want to remove it and replace with a plus one for one? I don’t need a plus one. I have a recorder if I am out and iPlayer to catch up if I need to what a wast of time putting out the same program’s an hour later. Please don’t remove THREE!


  3. Tv tax (license) payer says:

    Same here bbc3 is the only bbc channel worth watching late in the evening!
    It doesnt sound like theyre doing a “public service” by scrapping it from freeview.
    AXE THE TAX if they want to take bbcthree online!!!

  4. les hack says:

    keep bbc 3 on air NOW!

  5. Bernie Spoor says:

    We watch BBC3 as much as we do BBC 1& 2 and that is frequently on a evening basis.
    The level of documentary, comedy and drama are excellent as they do the unconventional more than the conventional.
    We used to go to a”fringe entertainment” before becoming incapacitated and found the standard programs on the other chanels a bit boring and non mind stretching. BBC3 and BBC4 provided avery good substitute for live venues.
    Please do not just take it off to a web based system but leave it as an airwave system.
    Bernie Spoor

  6. Can you tell me the logic of axing award winning shows like into the flesh o n bbc 3 when the been say they want to want to putgoodauality onbbc1 well you have award win nglrogramnez in front of you people want laughinthes hard times b it want to concern rate on poshdramawhat has that to do with the young of today by ois the BBC embarrassing ss d by the young they pay the li3 and 4cence fee th e most sensible thing is to immqcumate 3 and 3 and 4 But the repeats of top of the pops on 4 seem to be more important the world at 1 and the archers are more important the young see the beeb as the gin and tonic brigade its got to stop get an arts channel without repeats its as simple as that I respect right to opera you should respect peoples right to comedy come on the Bbcfilm board

  7. Nev says:

    Stop treating the people that pay your wages like idiots, you make enough cheap rubbish programs you can afford to keep BBC 3 quite easily, failing that cut the managements (or is it hangers on) wages!!

  8. John Corbett says:

    Dear BBC
    Once again, you are riding roughshod
    Over the licence fee payers wishes,
    we have spoken out against BBC 3
    being moved online, but again BBC
    senior management are ignoring our wishes , by the way the I Player is not fit for purpose.

  9. connor says:

    I’ll cut to the chase… if you axe BBC Three, you are stopping your investment into the lives of young people… so why should we invest in you? You won’t realise today, next week or next year, but one day you will realise that the wrong decision will sign the company’s death warrent

  10. connor says:

    bbc three is an amazing channel and if you the bbc trust get ride of it you will wrong the contry

  11. Averil says:

    Please re-think this decision; there is some valuable, entertaining and intelligent programming on BBC 3. I do not own a TV set but DO watch good drama and documentaries on my BBC Iplayer. I really appreciate the quality and high production values of, mainly, selected BBC 2 & 3 plus 4 programmes.

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