#SaveBBC3 event taking place in London

The BBC Trust are expected to make a decision on the future of BBC3 staying on television very shortly. As I wrote recently, this whole process has been very frustrating with the BBC seemingly dismantling the channel in front of our eyes without a mandate to do so. Some speculate the Trust might approve the closure of the channel, but now a group in the media industry are showing there is a third outcome which could happen. They are looking to buy the channel to keep it on television and to continue to invest in the channel at a time when the BBC is proposing taking it off our screens and cutting the budgets.

We all agree the best outcome would be for the BBC Trust to reject the BBC’s plans for BBC3, and I will not stop fighting for that to happen, but I am interested to hear more about Hat Trick Production’s proposals for the channel that would keep it on our television screens. Tomorrow night (Monday) we have an opportunity to do this at an event hosted in London. I am keen to get some of our campaign supporters there to learn more.

That’s why Hat Trick Productions have opened up the invitation to myself and #SaveBBC3 supporters. Taking place at 7pm, the event will be hosted by the Guardian’s Steve Hewlett, and will be an open discussion about what BBC3 could become if the BBC Trust were to consider the alternative options. Hat Trick’s movement is growing with a number of agents, producers, production companies, and BBC3 stars backing it.

So if you’re in London tomorrow night and would be interested in attending to represent our campaign please get back to me ASAP with some detail about who you are and why you support the campaign. We will then select a handful of people to go along in the next 24 hours.

If you can’t make the event you can find out more information about their proposals at www.yourbbcthree.com, and I will keep you updated as we enter an important time for the campaign. Remember to keep expressing your views on social media using #savebbc3!

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