Reading and Leeds Coverage moved to BBC4

As part of the continued dismantling of BBC Three the Reading and Leeds Festival will appear on BBC Four this year, with some limited coverage on the BBC Red Button.

BBC bosses are accused of dismantling the channel to shrink the healthy viewing figures to justify closing the channel.

Airing the likes of the Libertines and Mumford and Sons on BBC Four could be seen as a strategy to increase ratings for the channel, while the lack of publicity for the TV service could have been a deliberate to push audiences online to watch content.

In previous years BBC Three has hosted coverage from 7pm until 11pm all weekend but will instead air repeats of content already aired throughout the week. Friday’s Reading and Leeds coverage will not start on the BBC Red Button until 9.30pm due to other commitments.

Those angered by the continual dismantling of BBC Three are urged to sign the BBC Trust consultation urging for programming to be reinstated, and for BBC Three to be kept on TV.

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