New BBC Trust Consultation Opens

After its provisional recommendation in June that BBC Three should go online – subject to conditions – the BBC Trust is asking viewers and licence fee payers if it arrives with this recommendation.

It is particularly interested to hear views on the conditions it wishes to impose on the BBC which includes:

  • A more carefully managed transition from broadcast TV to an online service, to raise awareness of the change;
  • Clearer commitments to programmes on BBC One and/or BBC Two that appeal to a younger audience, including the use of those channels to continue broadcasting long-form BBC Three programmes; and
  • A commitment to a space on broadcast television (not just on BBC Three online) where risks can be taken with new talent and new ideas of the sort that BBC Three has been successful in developing.

The BBC Trust claims it has listened to the strength of feeling against the move – some 24,000 responses were received with a “near unanimous” conclusion. Yet it has remained supportive of the loss of BBC Three on television.

The new consultation will remain open until September 30. Those wishing to save BBC Three can fill in this pre-written email and send to the consultation through our website. Email submissions can be sent to, or alternatively users can fill in the BBC Trust’s survey.

Jono Read from the #SaveBBC3 campaign said: “We are once more urging the BBC Trust and BBC to put viewers’ opinions at the heart of this debate. We felt ignored when the Trust provisionally agreed to the BBC’s plans in June, and we think the BBC Trust’s conditions do not go far enough. While ultimately we want BBC Three to stay on TV, we think at the very least the BBC should be forced to make these changes over a longer period of time and put in place clearer commitments for BBC3 programming on BBC1&2.

We have a fight on our hands with this consultation as the BBC seem to be sweeping it under the carpet so few know about it. That’s why we have created a web form to make it as easy as possible to let the BBC Trust know our feelings about these proposals. I urge you all to sign.”


4 thoughts on “New BBC Trust Consultation Opens

  1. David Ramsey says:

    I am 68 and watch BBC3 on my steam powered TV. The BBC proposals can only be aimed at some elite excluding retired people and other less well off people.nthe proposals can only have been devised on Hampstead Heath or Kensington and Cheaper by elite members.

  2. JIm says:

    Keep the top BBC channel BBC3.

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Why am I being Informed on this worded as a forgone conclusion? Is the BBC an autocrats paradise organization or do we nolonger live on a democrasy? Why not promote film making and television?

  4. Mike says:

    Awful idea I love BBC and have been watching it for years I’m only 23 years old and have access to the Internet but some people don’t have access to the Internet so what about those people. Even thoe I do have access to the Internet I have never and probably never will watch a TV show on my computer. I love TV

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