E4 mocks BBC Three in voiceover

Who would blame E4 for trying to capitalise on BBC Three moving online-only? It has been well documented that both E4 and ITV2 will benefit from the closure of BBC Three on television, and it appears to be relishing the initial recommendation from the BBC Trust.

When E4 and bosses at ITV2 are making it clear the risk BBC management is taking surely it’s time for a rethink?

3 thoughts on “E4 mocks BBC Three in voiceover

  1. MARK JACKSON says:

    Disgusting behaviour from the BBC the only BBC channel I watch. Gee no longer need to get a license

  2. Barbara Kirk says:

    I’d like to include the Beeb’s decision on The Last Leg’s ‘Is it OK?’ Twitter feed, but I cannot find the right amount of words to express how I feel!

  3. Suzanne Smith says:

    ITV2 is the chav’s channel. Their version of the news is promoting the attention seeking schemes of talentless celebs.

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