Bosses’ vision for BBC3 comedies will be short clips

At a ‘tense’ meeting today between BBC bosses and independent comedy producers it was suggested that an ‘online’ BBC3 would start to focus on short shareable comedy clips to meet an overall smaller budget for BBC3.

Today’s meeting, Broadcast Magazine reports, was a heated one from both sides. BBC bosses including the Director of Television Danny Cohen and BBC3 controller Damian Kavanagh revealed that the direction would instead head towards short videos that could be easily shared online.

Panel shows including some sitcom comedies could be off the menu if the proposals are given the ‘green light’ in the Autumn.

Just 1% of the BBC’s budget is spent on BBC3’s target audience. This would be cut to 0.6% under the proposals… unless BBC3 is saved. Campaigners believe if the proposals go ahead this will mark the end of the programming we all know and love.

Over 290,000 people have signed the #SaveBBC3 petition at and there is still a chance the proposals can be stopped. An initial proposal as to whether these plans are approved or not is expected this month.

Two producers that are helping the fight are Jimmy Mulville and Jon Thoday who have written in the Independent today lambasting BBC management. It can be read in full detail here.

Last week BBC Free Speech tweeted that it’s online accounts were being wound down, and that there were no plans to return to BBC3 in the near future.

  • The BBC has promised to provide further information about its proposals to clarify the future of favourite shows.

3 thoughts on “Bosses’ vision for BBC3 comedies will be short clips

  1. Peter Mac says:

    If the BBC didn't spread themselves over the world so friendly with well services all different countries in different towns maybe the British people that pay for the service with the licence fee would actually be up to keep the services for us.

  2. Jacky Swift says:

    Can't believe this! How backward facing can they be? Main stream comedy is what is it is today because the BBC took risks. Why alienate the people that love the BBC by removing what makes it great British broad casting! Allow organic growth and get rid of the accountants.

  3. The BBC start by fucking Top Gear up and continuing without some of it's most important conponents (not simply the 3 stars but some of the cast too) and now they continue on their plan to get rid of BBC 3. Utterly moronic. And to save 0.4% of their overall budget. In a democratic society where everyone finds the BBC, surely it makes sense to hold a vote on where that 0.4% is lost. Personally I'd tell Antiques Roadshow where to go and save some money there but we can let the people decide.

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