BBC3 decision due as boss quits

It’s been reported the BBC Trust will make their final decision on BBC3 next week. We hope that the BBC Trust takes the decision to fully listen to the thousands of you who contacted them last month about the move. Even more as there have been some developments since I last wrote.

Danny Cohen, the Director of BBC Television, announced unexpectedly he was leaving the BBC last month. Danny was the architect of plans to make BBC Three online-only and to slash the channel’s programming budget in half. Commentators have said if BBC Three stayed on TV it would be a big blow to Mr Cohen – with him gone it makes it a little easier to reverse the decision.

Moreover VICE has announced they are planning to launch a television channel. VICE is the internet service that BBC bosses repeatedly referred to as being what they wanted BBC Three to become when it moves online-only. VICE, however, now wants to be on television to rival channels like E4 and BBC Three, making it all the more questionable what the BBC is doing. Even ITV are criticising the move to pour money into television expensive series like The Voice while cutting distinctive services like BBC3.

Whether the decision turns out to be a ‘done deal’ or not I assure you that the campaign will not stop there. We will do our utmost to hold those responsible for BBC Three closing on television if it happens, and we’ve got a lot more fight left in us yet.

Fingers crossed for next week.

2 thoughts on “BBC3 decision due as boss quits

  1. David Imrie says:

    BBC3 caters to the interests of my family better than any other channel. Selectively removing youth oriented content from terrestrial channels seems foolhardy and myopic for a public service broadcaster. Online only services are useless to people like ourselves in rural areas, because the bandwidth available is inadequate for streaming. Remind us exactly what we are paying our licence for, BBC.

  2. CE Touw says:

    I am ashamed that bbc3 can’t be received here in The Netherlands.
    Even on Astra 28.2 you can’t
    They shared it with CBBC
    I hope that an +1 or so can become functional as programmes on three were improving instead of repeats

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