BBC Trust’s Final Decision

It is not surprising to learn today the BBC Trust has approved the online-only move. It claims to be on the side of the viewer, but has ignored viewers throughout this lengthy and costly process. Some will argue this was a done deal from the start with the BBC Trust chair expressing support for the move before consultation begun. Even the BBC admits in reports there was “very little appetite” for these plans, but they pressed ahead.

The decision is bitterly disappointing and it is a very sad day for the future of the BBC. The BBC said the reason for doing this was to find £30m to fund programming for BBC1, that’s a television service already hugely funded by our licence fee. With The Voice now lost by the BBC it will save about the same amount they needed from closing BBC3. But the BBC failed to make that connection. It appears this is an example of young people being hit the hardest by cuts yet again.

They claim young people are moving away from watching live television. I believe the key reason why young adults are turning their back on television is not because they’re not interested, it’s because it’s one of the main areas television networks cutback on when it comes to cuts. The BBC admits their online-only version of BBC3 will be less value for money and it will bring fewer viewers. Yet it’s ignoring these facts as it ploughs on with a decision the very people that fund the BBC do not support. Still the BBC’s loss is E4 and ITV2’s gain – no doubt they will be the main benefactors from this should BBC3 go in March.

We will now mull over this decision. If the decision can be challenged independently of the BBC and BBC Trust we will do so. With hundreds of thousands on our side there’s still time to challenge this sham process.

Over 300,000 signed the consultation at

Read our 12-page dossier submitted to the BBC Trust explaining why the plans are wrong here.

28 thoughts on “BBC Trust’s Final Decision

  1. Mark says:

    The BBC is a service paid for by us! So Infact we own the BBC! The BBC trust oviusly had planned from the start they would not listen to the viewers but back then all the way… BBC trust. Finalise decisions for the BBC? Something wrong there! Shouldn’t it be an independent company doing the reviews? I can see the BBC loosing a lot more money Infact by people not paying for their tv licenses, why pay for something you don’t want or use! Very bad move ! Bye bye BBC coming very soon!

  2. Peter says:

    It’s not just Young people watch the channel, i’m in my 60s.
    There are lots of programs that I enjoy and I’m in family Guy watcher .
    I bought a large screen TV to watch television on but the BBC putting BBC three online only so the option of viewing is on a 7 1/2 inch iPad is bloody ridiculous .
    I’m paying a license fee to the BBC to fund programs in other countries why I’m sure they’ll state that it is funded differently but we’re not the nation that rules the world anymore .
    To quote Peter it really grinds my gears .

  3. John says:

    Peter – if you invest in a Chromecast/Amazon Fire Stick, you can “cast” iPlayer to your TV, which – I assume – will include BBC3 once it moves online. I accept it could be a little less convenient if you have multiple TVs and does mean a £30 outlay, but it does mean watching it on the TV isn’t impossible. With the added bonus of being able to plug it into any TV, wherever you are in the UK. I often take mine away with me, which lets me watch Netflix in hotels if I get bored.

    This actually provides an option most channels across the world don’t have. Though as someone who has a Fire Stick in every room, I admit I’m a little biased.

  4. Julie says:

    Im 77 and watch bbc3 all the time my favourite programme is dont tell the bride I watch this with my grand daughter every week please don’t get rid of bbc3

  5. John says:

    So sad to learn the news that the BBC Trust has approved the closure of the best channel on TV.

    Today’s BBC Three viewers are tomorrow’s TV licence fee payers. I see this move backfiring on the BBC in the long term. Very stupid decision.

  6. Liam Knowles says:

    Once again my generation has no view expressed or voice herd

  7. Robert says:

    Scrap bbc 4 save bbc three

  8. Meg Emberton says:

    Im 14 and i love bbc three on the telly its made me find my one and only celeb crush Russell Howard and ive loved him now for 7 years and i know it sounds weird but thxs. Also u guys make important shows that help me with my Re GCSE’s and help me figure out what i believe on so many subjects and to take that away from me and others is stupid. However people still can watch it online but i dont have wifi so im gonna miss out on them shows i love and how am i going to watch the re runs of Bad Education hey?? Please i know its late but rethink this!!

  9. gareth whitehouse says:

    the BBC takes funding from the people of the UK and time and time again alienates the vast majority of people from a service they are forced to pay for. the BBC has never given good programming choices to a younger audience and each time they do it is short lived this is just another such act by the BBC.
    this is an act of pure whimsy to push flagging programming like EastEnders and sub standard reality television and politically motivated tripe etcetera.
    the promise that they will put real entertainment on is again nothing but hollow words and really i don’t see why we should prop up the BBC any more pushing outmoded socialism down the viewers throats instead of putting on proper entertainment for younger people and better programming full stop.

  10. rich says:

    wha bbc wants they do. hope they do away with the license now.

  11. rich says:

    what bbc wants they do. hope they do away with the license now.

  12. Psul says:

    Screw you BBC! The sooner you’re dead the better for us. Yet another waste of money. By the way you operate will only be a short matter of time. Only decent channel moves online where it will have next to zero viewing, typical BBC incompetence. Undoubtedly someone will get a promotion for this… Sad 🙁

  13. Joe says:

    I am 100% against loosing BBC THREE off of my tv channels? i watched catch up on eastenders and family guy for the last 5 years every night and now its gone i am so disapointed? is there nothing we can do to make this change? BBC 3 is my most watch channel amongst me and my friends/family?


  14. Chelsea says:

    I totally agree with people putting bbc three online is such a shame so many people doesn’t want to watch programes on a small screen what about all the people that suffer with bad vision? I think personally bbc three are going to loose many viewers over it just makes sense putting it back on the TV

  15. Dan says:

    It’s a shame BBC Three isn’t on TV any more. I did try “BBC Three Online” but there’s hardly anything there to watch. A lot of short videos and YouTube clips but few actual TV shows like the channel used to have. Netflix UK actually has a better collection of BBC Three shows now, including Being Human which was added recently.

    As a young adult I’m tired of being told this is how I’m supposed to be watching TV now. Yes, I use services like Netflix (on my TV) but I also use Freeview. I won’t refuse to watch something just because it’s not over the internet.

    It seems like the BBC don’t care much about young adults any more. I can see this in how few programmes for young adults are on the BBC now. I do try to give other BBC channels a chance but apart from a handful of programmes on BBC One, it’s just not relevant to someone like me in the way BBC Three programmes often were.

    BBC One and Two have been protected from the worst of the cuts, and BBC Four was allowed to stay despite having fewer viewers than BBC Three. Now Newsbeat has been axed as well. It looks like services aimed at young adults are always among the first to go when the BBC have to make cuts.

    £30 million was given to BBC One drama from BBC Three’s budget. It should have stayed with BBC Three where it could have made more of a difference. Maybe then the channel wouldn’t have to be so reliant on short clips and blogs, and could have more long-form shows like it used to.

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