BBC Trust to decide BBC3’s fate

A decision from the BBC Trust on the future of BBC Three is expected at 12pm on Thursday 26 November.

Jono Read from the #SaveBBC3 campaign gives his initial view on why the BBC Trust should u-turn on its initial recommendation:

“BBC Three is the one television service from the BBC that is there for  young adults. It is the one channel that allows the BBC to nurture new talent and test formats. It has aired some ground-breaking documentaries and dramas in recent months – shows that have all trended on social media. To lose this distinctive service would be a sad day for the BBC, and it would be a sign of the BBC turning its back on a generation already under-served by the corporation.

If the BBC Trust is truly there to represent the viewer on Thursday it will reject proposals from the BBC to make BBC Three an “online-only” service. So far both the BBC and BBC Trust has failed to listen. The voice of the majority is in favour of keeping it on television. From the 300,000+ names on our petition to the BBC Trust’s own polling and consultations. They all point to wanting this channel to stay on television. Any other decision from the BBC Trust would show disregard for the people who pay the licence fee or are future licence fee payers.

A lot has changed in recent months. The architect of these proposals Danny Cohen has left the BBC. The service the BBC said they wanted BBC Three to mirror – VICE – has announced plans to move from online-only to launching television channels too as it recognises the power of television. And The Voice has been lost by the BBC. This would save the corporation in the region of £30m – approximately the same figure the BBC wants to save from closing BBC3 to respend on BBC1 audiences.

It would be the perfect time for the BBC Trust to perform a u-turn.”

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