Jono ReadThe #SaveBBC3 campaign was pushed into the spotlight by Jono Read, a 27-year-old from Norfolk, who set up a change.org petition calling for the channel to be saved.

Explaining on the petition website why he is calling for a u-turn on the decision to scrap the youth channel, Jono said:

” Like thousands of others, I am a big fan of the hit shows that BBC Three has produced and I have grown up watching them for the last 11 years. After hearing the Director General Lord Hall was proposing closing BBC Three on TV I set up this petition. Scrapping the TV channel, halving the budget for an online service, and respending it on older audiences would be a big mistake. The BBC needs to cater for all ages, and with the average age of BBC1, 2, and 4 at 60 these proposals will only make the corporation older, whiter, and more middle class as audiences flock elsewhere.”

Since launching on 4 March 2014 the campaign has received the support from a number of celebrities including Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Jack Whitehall, Greg James, Russell Kane, Stephen Fry, and Jolyon Rubinstein. Over 300,000 have signed the petition so far while 23,000 responded to the last consultation with an overwhelming majority against the proposals.

Reasons for objecting to the BBC’s proposals can be found here on the new consultation responder page.

You can find the campaigners behind the change.org petition on Twitter and Facebook. You can also contact Jono Read through @jonoread or by emailing savebbc3@jonoread.co.uk.

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  1. Marty says:

    Great to see you taking on this extremely important cause. There are thousands if not millions who will be supporting you all the way and will not rest until the channel has been saved as part of the BBC. Pleased to see how well this is all being organised with strong imagery and bold and logical arguments being put to the right people and those who matter. Most importantly though, really keen for the campaign to push home the message for a properly funded BBC, provider of the only commercial free public service broadcasting in the country in order that BBC Three might be saved. However, it shouldn’t be a competition between BBC Three and BBC Four being saved or BBC drama being neglected, it’s about the BBC being properly funded and not being forced into deciding which section of the population should be served. I actually think Tony Hall is mostly on our side and his decision was made with a very heavy heart, so I would hate to see him made a target for negativity through this. Your respectful message to him suggests this is your thinking too. Finally, great to see respected MPs tabling an EDM making a robust argument too. How about contacting all who have signed the petition and asking them to urge their MP to sign the EDM?

    Huge respect and all good wishes as you continue your campaign. Remember, there are many of us out here ready to take a stand too! If there’s anything I can do, all too happy to help. Marty.

  2. Terry Harris says:

    May I suggest starting an appeal to Save BBC3, the money raised being spent strategically putting up posters outside prominent BBC buildings across the country. This was the approach taken by the Save BBC Radio 6Music group a few years back, their actions proved extremely successful and 6Music continues broadcasting to this day.

  3. Terry, Join the campaign at http:\\saveourbbc.net and make your voice heard. Help to reinforce Jono’s efforts from another perspective. Pass the word on as widely as possible and add weight to the movement.

  4. Kumudu Perera says:

    I think BBC 3 AND BBC 4 should be a 24 hour 7days a week channels.

  5. anonymous says:

    Yeah, you’re right

  6. Adam Hyde says:

    I've never personally been a fan on the majority of BBC's output, and think the BBC has under-invested in new comedy for a long time, and dedicated too much airtime to cheap reality TV.

    Thing is, BBC 3 serves a demographic the rest of the BBC completely ignores. Young people shouldn't be forced onto laptops or tablets; young people are actually just as social as everyone else. And getting rid of one of the BBC's biggest apparatus for investment in comedy completely defeats the purpose.

    Surely the BBC should be using BBC 3 to create new content that can perhaps be sold and marketed abroad.


  7. anonymous says:

    You Know I basically thing that the petition should not be sent to the BBC Trust. They would not even watch the petition. I’d propose sending a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron or the British Government. We could show how the British people love this channel and also that younger people are as social than everybody else. And we also have to say to them, that is much more human to view BBC Three in front of a TV rather than in front of a computer. You could convince them to put the channel on sale so that someone could keep it on TV. Or you also could convince to put the BBC Three stream on the BBC Red Button so that everyone can watch it in a television as it should normally be. I think that this government should listen to the will of the people and not let the BBC be decimated by cuts.

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